Building a Sustainable Future for the

Josephine County Food Bank

Our Community Shines

For years, local businesses have supported the Food Bank through fundraisers, sponsorships, corporate donations and so much more. Seeking out support is a trend that non-profits face from the time they turn on the lights until they lock the doors when they go home. Even then, the work doesn't stop. The involvement with Friends of Josephine County Food Bank Network makes fundraising and donating a little easier. We want to continue to seek out any possible fundraising opportunities as a support group for the Food Bank. We are here to help answer questions, make suggestions and provide encouragement for the greater cause.



We Encourage Volunteers

The value of a volunteer's time is priceless. It's more than saving money from labor costs. It's a way of expressing yourself to help others. Josephine County Food Bank and Raptor Creek Farm need volunteers year-round. There are gardens to tend, planting, harvesting, gleaning programs, maintenance duties and much more. Volunteering at the Food Bank is also a great opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. Individuals and groups interested in donating time and effort in the Food Bank Warehouse, Raptor Creek Farm, or other on-site work, please call the Food Bank at 541-479-5556.


Get Involved with the Neighborhood Food Project

The Neighborhood Food Project is an organized neighborhood-based food drive. Once every two months, Neighborhood Coordinators go throughout their designated neighborhood to pick up Food Project food bags from neighbors who have agreed to be food donors. This grass roots effort is the easiest, most effective, and most empowering way to organize community support for local food banks.



Organize Your Own Food Drive

The Josephine County Food Bank is always interested in the benefits from Food Drives. They can provide support materials and can answer questions that you may have. They want you not only to succeed, but to have tremendous success and fun making it come together. Contact the Josephine County Food Bank for details. 541-479-5556


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